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Pronounced Thought Is Key

the girl with the heart full of pride

She's a normal 5' 2" nineteen-year-old with blonde hair and shapeshifting eyes who has a love/hate relationship with her height and adores her curly locks. She enjoys being called cute at her age, but is quite good at seducing her friends. "Bohemian" is the best word to describe her chaotic dress style, listening to broadway musicals and Indie bands is a constant addiction. She thinks she has nice legs, but doesn't want to venture out and see what others think. (She's convinced that 'FTW' does not stand fro 'for the win', but is in fact 'WTF' backwards). She swing dances often and always falls in love with the bad guy or a poor, tortured soul. She sings when she needs to get away from it all. She'd really like to meet you.